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The Tori Morley band gets the Palomino RagingEhLittleBit on Friday Aug 19!

Tori, Tory, Mitch and Mike - The Tori Morley band hit the stage at the fantastic Palomino smokehouse on Friday August 19 to release her RageEhLittleBit ep. Opening for Vancouver based The Syliva Platters, and Calgary’s The Moonsnakes, Tori got the crowed fired up with a killer set featuring tracks from the EP and a rousing rendition of band favorite Smoko by The Chats.

Turns out Tori’s release of a song about how Algorithms are running music was prescient - while real humans were Raging against Algorithmic music at the Palomino, a record label signed an AI generated artist!!!

Mitch and Tory (yes dual ToriS!) brought a whole new energy to the live show - Tory complimenting Tori’s driving bass with soaring guitar solos, and Mitch powering the set with dynamic beats..

The set began with a rendition of an old Hypoxia Beach song - Take You To Tomorrow, then Tori, Tory and Mitch took on Marcus Miller’s power.

Les and His Excavator followed, then the rythm section Tori and Mitch got the crowed fired up with Les Claypool‘s The Awakening.

GFY, theList followed by band’s favourite cover (and clearly crowd favorite) - SMOKO by the Chats - featuring synchronized guitar player kicks!

With Smoko getting people fully amped, it was time to RageEhLittleBit to the new track - first time played live!

Big thanks to the Palomino, The Sylvia Platters, The Moonsnakes for letting us jump on stage!


-> Take You To Tomorrow - Hypoxia Beach Cover

-> Power - Marcus Miller Cover

-> Les and His Excavator

-> The Awakening -> Les Claypool Cover

-> GFY -

-> theList

-> SMOKO - the CHATS cover

-> RageEhLittleBit!

“Dammit Spock - it may be logical to sign an AI to a record label, but its so BORING!!”

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