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The Tori Morley band knocks it out of the ContainR Park!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Thursday September 1

Tori was invited to headline the hootenanny - and this time, she had a full band with Tory Rosso taking lead guitar, and Mitch the Human replacing the unreliable computer drummer Garth on Drums!

The weather was perfect, and we were fortunate to have Jason Chernow shooting video (coming soon!) and Adrian getting some amazing photos of the event.

Stephen ‘Kinger’ King also was kind enough to get some vids and photos as well!

Video segment of GFY - go find yerself:

and SMOKO by the Chats!

The band had so much fun, we are looking forward to next summer already!!!

From the Basement, to Headlining - Tori’s Hootenanny Journey -

The journey of Tori headlining Keith’s Hootennay is pretty cool. In 2020, at the apex of lockdown induced depression, Keith Dundas started up a virtual hootenanny concert series that ran weekly on Friday nights. Keith would invite artists to setup in their kitchens, basements and living rooms to play a 3 song live set for an hour or so.

It took a lot of work to get it figured out, but Keith got the livestream working, and it took off.

Tori and Mike Morley started with a couple of cover tunes under the moniker of ‘expendableCrewmember’, and over that long winter played several times. That prompted Tori to start writing songs for the event - the first of which was Les and his Excavator. We used a computer drummer known as ‘Garth’ to play the events since it was not possible to connect with other players because of the lockdown restrictions.

That summer, as the lockdown restrictions eased, Keith took the hootenany live at the ContainR park in Sunnyside. Tori played at that event as well, opening for the Frank Mona Band. At that event, it was 38 celcius on stage - super hot - and our computer drummer Garth not liking the heat, decided to crash. Fortunately, Frank Mona’s drummer saved the gig by jumping on stage letting us finish the set.

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