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Tori Morley - CBC Calgary Eyeopener - Keeping the Eyebrows in music!

Big thanks to Mackenzie Meyer for the great segment on Tori's new EP RageEhLittleBit.

In the segment Tori talks about her feelings about the increasing encroachment of AI and algorithms on music and art.

Her song RageEhLittleBit is particularly timely given the recent rise and controversy about FNMeka - an AI 'rapper' that was trained by feeding it stereotypes of rappers resulting in a TikTok popular but terrible unmusical monstrosity designed with the sole purpose of cutting artists out of the loop by appropriating real artist content for its training.

While technology and algorithms are powerful and useful tools, Tori talks about how important it is to focus on the humanity of music and not take 'the Eyebrows' out of art.

Tori's sentiment is more critical than ever, as the soul of art is being consumed by the rapid rise of AI Art prompt generates such as Stable Diffusion AI, art is under a real and present danger of being turned into cultural grey goo (This artist is dominating AI-generated art. And he’s not happy about it. | MIT Technology Review )... While artists will be the first ones impacted by 'feature engineering ruining the organic sound', society as a whole will be poorer as a result if we don't all RageEhLittleBit against this wave of art eating robots...

Check out the interview on CBC Streaming here:

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