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Tori Morley Interviewed on Bretton Lee John's Weird In Highschool Podcast

A podcast that invites creatives to share why they create, cause at the end of the day, we were all weird in high school. New episodes every second Friday.

Bretton Lee John is a Calgary based musician who runs Smoking Ghost Recordings. Smoking Ghost seeks to support, promote and help connect independent artists.

Weird In Highschool is a podcast Bretton hosts where he interviews artists and creatives in high school and beyond to share what drives them to create. High school is a formative time for many artists - a time in which an artist can freely discover, explore and create.

In his interview with Tori Morley, Bretton covers a wide range of subjects from inspiration and music mentors, to composition through the recording process to how Tori reconciles her interest in Psychology with her love of music.

The interview is particularly interesting as it occurs at a key formative point in which Tori is in the midst of composing her first full commercial album.

You can check out the podcast on any of the major streaming services including Spotify, apple podcast or just go here: Weird in Highschool with Bretton Lee John • A podcast on Anchor

Thanks to Bretton for taking the time to record, produce and publish the interview - it was a lot of fun to do!


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