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Tori Morley Releases Second EP!

Tori Morley has released her second EP titled The Eyebrow Project!

In a year-long collaboration with producer extraordinaire Kurt Morgan (, Tori has crafted three new songs that take her music to a whole new level.

The EP focuses on her feelings about the current political, technological, and

climate as well as her experience living with ADHD. The sonic evolution of her music continues, exploring new dimensions and direction through songwriting that expands on her multi-instrumentalist talents. The lyrical style expands on the experiential narrative motif, exploring challenges and angst in the world Tori’s generation faces.

Song one of the EP is titled Eyebrow Highbrow. The title is inspired by a quote from one of her biggest musical inspirations, Frank Zappa. The quote states “Computers can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but it’s missing the eyebrows.” Tori feels that this quote is becoming more relevant due to the “Rise of AI”, especially the growing presence of AI in multiple art forms including music. The chorus of the song goes “Put the human back in the music… baby” which properly encapsulates her feeling of how music is turning from a highly expressional art form to nothing more than an emotionless product.

The second song of the EP titled Traveling on a Floating Rock takes you through the way that her mind works with ADHD. Being 19, Tori feels that she has not yet mastered the art of managing her ADHD which we are very grateful for as this song was created in a highly ADHD-esqu way. She wrote this song in a moment of extreme hyperfocus with her dad. They wrote it in about 10 mins, leaving the end open for her to make up some lyrics to allow for a human feel while also allowing some of her ADHD to poke through in the last verse of the song.

Finally, the third song of the EP Woke Joke pokes major fun at the hypocrisy of big names in the world. This song is meant to express how the climate crisis is a very tricky situation. We are all able to make better choices in regards to the environment, but none of us are perfect. Celebrities need to be extra careful because they have access to these extraordinary resources which they often misuse, causing major damage to the environment. An example of this could be a celebrity choosing to take their private jet to go on vacation instead of flying commercial or better yet, taking a stay-cation in their quaint little local million dollar mega cabins. Her upcoming music video for Woke Joke will include some shocking statistics to better explain the contents of her song.

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