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Tori Morley’s first EP - brings together songs about life - challenges, frustrations with the world, and the power of friendship for staying sane in an increasingly chaotic, burning world. 




We have become a product of the algorithms who use us as food for their masters… 

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Tori Says “My idea for the list arose from nicknames my friends came up with for each other and people that we used to be friends with.” She adds “One day my friend and I met up for ice cream and we started talking about how nonsensical and musical nicknames are and how if they were put into a poem or a song no one would know what was going on. The list of names had a good sound to them, so I put the nicknames into a song.”


The influence of ‘90s funk weirdos Primus and experimental bassist, MonoNeon, are demonstrated throughout Tori’s work. Such sounds are evident in Tori’s 2021 single ‘Les and His Excavator,’ where she calculates a striking balance between melody and discordance.


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Go Find Yourself is about .. going and finding yourself. My whole life I have been a people pleaser and being a people pleaser often comes with a very irrational fear of the word "no". That is something I have struggled with a fair amount in my life and this often ends with me doing silly things that I do not want to do. This song was my way of telling the world "NO!" but with a wink and a smile. 

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Les Claypool once said ‘There ain’t nothin an excavator and bass can’t fix…’ and so he bulldozed his way through covid… 

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We want to thank everyone who has helped Tori on her music journey

Kurt Morgan

Memphis Pambrun & Keith Dundas

Tory Rosso & Mitch (live band!)

Caitlyn Mytopher, Ellen Parker and ParkerPR

Bretton Lee John

Mikey's Open Mic Night!

Steve Dodd

Damo, Eddy, Kmo

Grandad & Granny -> Marcus Miller Bass!


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