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\\ composer | session musician | multi-instrumentalist //

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From her early musical encounters with piano and at age five, trumpet at age 10, to composing her first track, ‘Robot Monster’ at age eight, Tori Morley is an artistic hivemind bound for the stage.

Now attending university, a jazz band champion, and prodigal multi-instrumentalist, Tori exhibits a profound passion for creating eclectic musical soundscapes. Tori channels the ethos of punk through her lyrical content and vocal delivery. She writes about angst, emotional processing and human experiences. Equipped with her bass, she peppers her music with funk-bass aesthetics and jazz leanings.

She was influenced by ‘90s tracks such as funk weirdos Primus and experimental bassist, MonoNeon, which is evident in her 2021 single ‘Les and His Excavator’ where she calculates the balance between melody and discordance.


Teaming up with accomplished producer and mentor Kurt Morgan (Dweezil Zappa), Tori carefully crafted her first full-length album, staying true to her sonic ambience while investigating contemporary sounds. 

Building on the success of her first EP RageEhLittleBit that charted at #10 on CJSW, she is. currently working on a new set of songs provisionally entitled The EYEBROW Project! 



Calgary, Canada



Punk, Funk, Jazz


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Kurt Morgan Music

Memphis and the Grande


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