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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

“The song was inspired by my frustration with how music has turned from a wonderful art form used to express yourself and heighten the human experience to a product made by algorithms… “ --> Tori Morley..


Here’s an example of what I am Raging about! ->


RageEhLittleBit --> Written and Composed by --> Tori Morley

RageEhLittleBit --> Produced, Mixed and Mastered by --> Kurt Morgan of Kurt Morgan Music

RageEhLittleBit --> features the talents of:

Vocals --> Tori Morley

Bass --> Tori Morley

Rythm Guitar --> Kurt Morgan

Lead Guitar --> Kurt Morgan

RageGuitars ;-) Guitar --> Mike Morley

Drums --> Kurt Morgan

RageEhLittleBit gang vocals —> Damo, Eddy, Kmo

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