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Tori Morley Takes Names on New Single ‘The List’!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Out Now On Streaming


Local Calgarian and wunderkind musician Tori Morley is poised to deliver her first full-length album, starting with her opening single ‘The List.’ Morley enlisted the help of accomplished producer and mentor Kurt Morgan (Dweezil Zappa) to produce her debut record, creating a diverse bed of tracks that channel the ethos of punk, funk-bass aesthetics and jazz leanings.

Dominated by a steadfast rhythm section, ‘The List’ embarks via melodic, percussive slap bass and earnest dialogue, with Tori stating, “My life has never exactly been normal, and I've had a lot of super interesting people come in and out of my life. I thought I would make a song to appreciate those people - welcome to the list.” The dialogue found throughout ‘The List’ is juxtaposed through anthemic courses, grungy power chords, and noisy wah swells, culminating in a lighthearted and educational track.

Tori Says “My idea for the list arose from nicknames my friends came up with for each other and people that we used to be friends with.” She adds “One day my friend and I met up for ice cream and we started talking about how nonsensical and musical nicknames are and how if they were put into a poem or a song no one would know what was going on. The list of names had a good sound to them, so I put the nicknames into a song.”

The influence of ‘90s funk weirdos Primus and experimental bassist, MonoNeon, are demonstrated throughout Tori’s work. Such sounds are evident in Tori’s 2021 single ‘Les and His Excavator,’ where she calculates a striking balance between melody and discordance.

From her early musical encounters with piano at age five, trumpet at age 10, to composing her first track, ‘Robot Monster’ at age eight, Tori Morley is an artistic hivemind bound for the stage. Now a high school graduate, jazz band champion, and prodigal multi-instrumentalist, Tori exhibits a profound passion for creating eclectic musical soundscapes. She writes about teenage angst, emotional processing, and human experiences.

Teaming up with accomplished producer and mentor Kurt Morgan (Dweezil Zappa), Tori carefully crafted her first full-length album, staying true to her sonic ambience while investigating contemporary sounds. With a new album on the horizon, Tori waits eagerly at the gates of adulthood, ready to hit the ground running.



theList --> was Written and Composed by --> Tori Morley

theList --> was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by --> Kurt Morgan of Kurt Morgan Music

theList --> features the talents of:

Vocals --> Tori Morley

Bass --> Tori Morley

Rythm Guitar --> Kurt Morgan

Lead Guitar --> Mike Morley

Drums --> Kurt Morgan

theList --> Chatter Section vocals contributed by:

--> Holden Teslak <--

--> Jonah Pvpich <--

--> Charlie Mackinnon <--

--> Cole Lamb <--

--> Ian Long <--

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