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Tori Morley EP RageEhLittleBit Release Party Friday August 19 at the Palomino!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Cmon down and celebrate the release of Tori's new EP -> RageEhLittleBit <- with Tori Morley and her band Friday August 19 at the Palomino in Calgary!


The release party will be featuring Tori's new single RageEhLittleBit - a song inspired by Tori's frustration with how the internet instead of liberating creativity, has turned music from a wonderful artform into a product driven by algorithmic composition and recommenders.

We are super excited for this show also because we will have a full band with a real drummer instead of our usual unreliable robot drummer 'garth' who is known to be a jerk...

Our jerk robot drummer Garth...

But even MORE exciting -> the Gig features the musical awesomeness of The Sylvia Platters and The Moonsnakes - so its is going to be a killer night!! Don't miss out - check it out!!

The inspiration for this song came from a moment of frustration while listening to the radio one day. I was flipping through multiple channels and the only one I was able to actually tolerate was CJSW. The music that they play is different every single time I play that station which I love. They only every play a song once and they always play music that is not typically played on the radio, bringing some flavour to the music industry. The music industry has become extraordinarily dull and repetitive. Music is no longer art in my mind, at least not music that is popular. "Music" is now a product that is used by rich people to become more rich. They thrive off of the bandwagon scheme that has become present during the uprising of social media platforms and the use of algorithms.

This is extremely frustrating for people like me out there who want to listen to music that is actual art, not the "music" that is fully sampled and created on an assembly line. (Mr. Henry Ford, your idea has now become not only a standard in physical products, but it has now been adopted by the music industry)

I hope that his album bring to light that music doesn't have to be perfect to be good. In fact, the imperfection is what makes music better.


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