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Tori Morley Presenting at YYCDATACON!

Check out this not to be missed showcase on Enhancing Creativity with Generative AI where Local Calgary songwriter Tori Morley will describe how tech and AI augment her creative process.

Tori will go through applied examples of tech used for songwriting and composition with her US based Producer Kurt Morgan (dweezil zappa band), how she leverages Generative AI to create compelling visual stories of her songs and how Unreal Engine was harnessed to create a mesmerizing music video capturing the essence of living as an ADHD neurotypical person for the song Travelling on a Floating Rock.

The showcase will also feature demos of the tech used, and more! Showcase will be on Saturday 4-5 timeslot...

Get your tickets to YYCDATACON here ->

Check out music videos here ->

Check out Tori's Music on all streaming thiniges!

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