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Tori Morley Nominated for YYC Music Awards!

Tori Morley has been nominated for a YYC Music Award in the category of the Prophets of Music Upcoming artists.

Over the past two years Tori had a goal of creating unique and eclectic music that embraces the human elements of music. Tori has always been drawn towards music as she feels that music is essential to enhance the human experience. “The way that music has slowly been corrupted to be only for profit and not for connecting and inspiring people is being accelerated by AI. Technology is a powerful tool, but it should be used to help artists create - not to replace the creative process with algorithms trained with art made through the hard work of artists with the intent to replace them..”

Tori Morley is honoured to have been nominated for the YYC music awards. It makes her very happy to see that there are companies that are still working to help bring up musicians and to help promote live music that does not necessarily fit into the norm of what is commercially acceptable. Calgary’s vibrant music scene has played a very large role in her musical career.

Her nomination has given Tori a jolt of inspiration; she will be releasing her second EP soon in preparation for the YYC music awards.

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Michele Roy
Michele Roy
Feb 03

Great to see Tori shaking up the music scene in YYC. Congratulations!

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