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Feb 24, 2023 -> Tori Morley Band opened for Kid Cali at the Owl Acoustic Lounge!

February 24 The Tori Morley band hit Owl Acoustic Lounge opening for Kid Cal!

It was a very cold snowy day, but the Owl Acoustic Lounge provided a warm, welcoming environment.

And while the flannel helped

Tori tried out another approach to staying warm….

But things heated up as soon as Tori Morley got on stage - with Tori and Tory training riffs…

Kid Cali took the stage and kept the heat on - featuring fantastic instrumentation, harmonies and great tunes…

The stage in the Owl is amazing, and it’s a really great sounding room. The staff also were excellent at making sure everything sounded awesome on stage and for the audience.

We are looking forward to having the change to play the Owl Acoustic Lounge again in the future!

Here’s a vid of Tory and Tori taking on Marcus Miller power -

The rail bridge in Lethbridge featured in the Last of Us…

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